Her Mother’s Sins



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YES! It’s a series to get your teeth into.

A review from NY Literary Magazine

“Her Mother’s Sins” is an absolutely spectacular, thoroughly engrossing novel. Boyes is a born storyteller and a fantastic writer. A unique, intriguing plot combined with masterful pacing, exciting suspense, romance, and strong characterization makes this book stand out. Readers will be captivated from the start and eagerly await Boyes’s next novel.

Five-stars!” – NY Literary Magazine

Romantic Mystery-Suspense. Set on the coast of Western Australia.

A new love –  An ultimate deceit


Arina returns to her hometown set to quell ugly rumours about her deceased mother and restore the old family motel. On her way, she meets Matt, a handsome stranger.

Single-minded and focused on her quest, she rejects Matt’s advances, but his magnetic pull messes with her hormones, and she finds she’s not sure if he’s friend or enemy. Jake, on the other hand, is set on charming her in the meantime.

Unaware of the dark secrets the motel holds, she plunges headlong into an ultimate deceit, as shady mysteries dating back to the Second World War and the sinking of the Kormoran, a German warship, reveals a betrayal of the worst kind.

Wearing her mother’s sins on her sleeve, will Arina solve the many mysteries surrounding her family?

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5-starsThis captivating and commendable work had me immersed from the beginning. The story flows from scene to scene with ease, and the author shows exceptional skill when it comes to storytelling. There are twists and turns in this page turner that will take the reader on a gripping journey!

5-starsThe story was amazing. It starts off with Arina moving back to her hometown to try and dispel the nasty rumors about her family history. But man did she get more than she ever planned for. This book has it all. From a romance love triangle gone wrong on one end. To murder and conspiracy. To intrigue and mystery.


This story is full of intrigue, suspense & keeps you reading. I loved the characters, the setting & the mix of history that is woven through the book. 

About Arina

My Protagonist ARINA PERRY from the book HER MOTHER’S SINS

In developing this character, Arina has become a heartfelt process that takes you through her struggles, ambitions and how she deals with her everyday life – her everyday life not being so ordinary, we find that it’s the extraordinary happenings in our lives that shape us all.

Arina is as a 25-year-old woman who, unlike most of us has some wealth, but like most of us, quietly yearns to be liked, respected and yes, even loved.

She initially struggles with the knowledge that there are skeletons in her cupboard that reflect on her life and how she believes she is perceived by others. Her ambitions to squelch ugly rumours and outrageous lies about her mother is potent, she just isn’t sure how to go about it all. She bogs herself down with work at her inherited historical motel to avoid the confrontations she must one day make. But she progressively builds new strength and finds faith in love. She becomes energised by that love. Her character grows, strengthens and blossoms through love, but lurking in the recesses of her everyday life is a life-threatening hate that she is gradually awakened to and must deal with. She trusts easily and discovers that trust isn’t always justified and shouldn’t always be presumed. She learns some things the hard way.

She’s a little gung-ho at times relying on her winging it through some of life’s events, usually, she gets by with this but sometimes she fails. When she has something on her mind, a project, an action or a whim, she is head down and into it. Her attitude is that if a commitment or a decision is made her stance is “Okay, let’s get this show on the road. Now.” She does her best to see things through. She has confidence.

She’s independent. She loves coffee, her grandmother, shoes and steak burgers; though not necessarily in that order. She’s terrified of spiders and hates rats. She deeply mourns the loss of her parents.

She likes to sit on the beach or wander through the sand barefoot where she can unwind and do her best thinking, she finds solitude, peace and a certain affinity with the sea and the endless rolling tides. She whispers to the ocean and it tells her things. She is dedicated to her work and passions. She is woman. All woman.

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