Hello, I’m testing the waters long after learning how important book covers are to readers. So I made new ones. Just for my eBooks, and as a trial only.

Interested to see what I came up with? If I can get feedback on them I’ll know better where the new covers stand. Please take a moment to have a look, then let me know your thoughts. They are a lot darker.

You’ll see them on this link. My Amazon Authors page. While there, if you would like updates of coming releases, like “HER HUSBAND’S HONOUR” soon to be released, please click on the FOLLOW button.  My Amazon Author page LINK

One thought on “NEW E-BOOK COVERS

  1. sylvia charlton says:

    Hi Kitty,

    I like the new covers, they certainly catch the eye.

    I have all 4 but I still have ony read Her Mother’s Sins – sorry. Stupid TBR keeps burying my books. LOL
    But now you have a new one coming so I’d better get busy reading don’t you think.

    Actually I have been quite busy and not reading half as much as usual. Currently I am at my son’s house and dog sitting while they are working away. They all 3 want attention all the time. Fun times. I am not used to dogs so this is quite the experience. Scooping poop in the snow is not so easy. LOL. I love these guys though.

    I hope you get positive comments on your new covers,




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