Book 5 ‘Her Husband’s Honour’

Its been quite a while since I blogged here, in fact its been a very long time since I’ve done much of anything book related besides looking after other peoples manuscripts. But today, I went through some emails and last year had submitted book 5 to Readers Favorite for a review. Noting ventured, noting gained. Right?

Anyhoo, Lo and behold, I had one sitting there. For ages, by the looks. Eagerly reading the review, I decided to share it with you. Reviews are notoriously difficult to come by. Written reviews that is. And to get one on amazon is even harder.

Review #1: Review by Ankita Shukla
Reviewed By:
Ankita Shukla
Review Rating:
4 Stars

Reviewed By Ankita Shukla for Readers’ Favorite – (Second Paragraph only)

Her Husband’s Honour: A Brutal Murder – An Innocent Man by Kitty Boyes is the fifth book in the Arina Perry Series.
Kitty Boyes’s grip on legal terms and delivering a courtroom drama shines through in a matter of few minutes of picking up this book. What follows is an engaging murder mystery with a pinch of psychic abilities. By providing access to Arina’s fears and emotional turmoil at the thought of losing her husband, the author has ensured that readers care about the characters. The audience hopes — and prays — that there will be a happy ending for this family. All in all, the storytelling of Her Husband’s Honour will impress and intrigue legal mystery, courtroom drama, and crime novel lovers.

Let me know what you think below, in the Comments section.

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