Vitamin D – because it’s important! Vitamin D is fast becoming a major deficiency in people all over the world. This little book explains in my own way the importance of it and asks questions about how we get it for free versus the injections so many need these days as well as talking about sunscreens and possible side affects especially about those nano particles being put in them. Make up your own mind, but this little bit of knowledge could be very important to you and  yours and might just be the best $1.00 you’ve spent in a while.

Read a little more below.


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What is Vitamin D?
Where do we get it free?
How do we absorb it?
How much should we have?

Does it help prevent;
Breast Cancer?

How safe is sunblock?
Is it good for you?
Is it carcinogenic free?
Is it better than sunshine?
Does our skin really absorb it?
Can we really survive without it?

These questions and more are answered right here.
pages packed with information leaves you to decide.

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