Her Fathers Daughter


3D coverRomantic thriller – Set on the coast of  Western Australia

BOOK TWO of the Arina Perry Series

Get ready for another exciting trip.  Arina dives right into a journey that eventually leads her and her fiance Matt into dark and dangerous waters. Rebecca, a 17 year old girl that works for Arina at her motel has gone missing. The hunt for her begins, leading them to discover a dark secret amongst unwilling staff members who know more than they’re telling.

A body is found. The murder of a young man sparks rising fear and urgency in finding Rebecca alive. The clock is ticking for her safe return home. Who murdered the unknown young man? Will they find Rebecca alive?

Then just when they thought they had it worked out they find out they are in a fight for their own survival. Death is knocking on their door. Will they hear the knocking?  Will Matt be lost to her forever? Will Arina survive this time? Who is it that wants them dead?

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