Mr Frumble is a grumpy old man.  He lives in a big house that he is too lazy to clean.

One day a little man in a blue suit wearing a very peculiar hat, knocks on his door and offers to clean his house for no pay.

Mister Frumble lets him in and soon the little man sends old Mr Frumble into a spin. He is woken up every morning with very loud banging noises that make Mister Frumble even grumpier.

Why is the little man in the blue suit always trying to bang a nail in a wall to hang his hat on?


**Reviewed Mr Frumble’s Hat via ARC 12.03.2019 by Melissa Smith (Latham)

My son, Tyson, aged 12, really enjoyed the book! He said it was relative to his age group and he said the moral of the story was ‘not to be lazy!’ so a good little read for a boy of his age (or younger) that might need a bit of inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you for letting us review it for you, we feel privileged 😊

All the best,




Old Mister Frumble’s sore hands, knees, and elbows hurt so much when he works too hard, that he decides he needs some help with all his daily chores.

 After one young lady starts the job, she is angry because she didn’t get a promised bonus with her pay and leaves.

A young boy named Jinx, who looks dirty and a bit sly knocks on Mister Frumble’s door, offering his help. 

Jinx is not all that he seems and with hard lessons, both learned and taught about acceptance, trust, understanding and faith, the two make an unlikely partnership into one of lasting friendship, after which, an unexpected miracle happens to Mister Frumble.

Mr Frumble Meets Jinx

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