Hey there, those that know me already know I was slightly sidetracked with getting this 5th book off the ground. I renovated my kitchen. It took months. But boy do I love it now. The old kitchen was 67 years old and I saved hard for 11 or a bit more years to finally make it happen. 
I built in the cupboards and drawer sets (flatpacks) installed the sink and rigged the plumbing, (I was 9 weeks without a sink or tap, boy did I appreciate turning on my new tap for the first time! ) I also installed the bench tops, did all the tiling, painting and lots of incidental jobs like moving the furniture in and out etc., etc.. Big work for an old lady. 
I’ll include a couple of photos. Before and after. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. 

Work has begun. Excuse the mess. Cutting out the dated archway to open into the dining room.Done by Troy.

Work has begun. Excuse the mess. Cutting out the dated archway to open into the dining room.Done by Troy.

Archway now gone and dining room opened up.

And my dining area now. Did you notice I had one door removed (Where the fridge is now) and also had a new french door replace the glass sliding door?
Looking into the old Kitchen from the dining room. The wall cutting out has begun.

The new kitchen! Like it? Doesn’t matter. I do. 🙂 I bet you do. Haha.
The dust has settled and the debris has gone. It feels good cooking in here now. Do you want the recipe for these cheese puffs I made?

Would you like to watch the video I made of my renovation? Its right here on this link to YouTube.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… or rather what you’re probably more interested in…


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You’re welcome and good luck. Stay safe and well during this trying time.

Luv Kitty xxx