Kitty began writing many years ago, but only in 2015, when she took a voluntary redundancy from her government job, did she begin writing in earnest. The past four years have been an enormous learning curve in the world of self-publishing, editing, book cover design and marketing her work. Learning is an ongoing experience and she hopes to finally get it all right one day. However, being realistic, she knows that learning the trade doesn’t actually stop. New daily experiences bring her ever forward on this journey, one she can’t let go of.

Her debut novel ‘The Sins of Our Mothers written and published November 2015 was a hit with romantic suspense and mystery readers. Kitty re-titled this to ‘Her Mother’s Sins’  in 2017. With a new cover and 20,000 more words, it presents a compelling read.

Kitty promised a sequel for early 2016. She delivered ‘Her Fathers Daughter’ and as it proved its popularity and the ever-growing fan base asked for more, she wrote the third novel ‘Her Brother’s Keeper’ to the Arina Perry series during 2017.

In 2018 Kitty wrote and delivered book four “Her Grandma’s Ghosts” already a hit with lovers of mystery suspense with an element of the paranormal interwoven in the story of a cold case being followed up. 

Kitty is waiting for the outcome of her fourth novel to see if her fans are satisfied yet. Reviews both written and personal will became her deciding factor.   So if you want more,  write a review on her current books to encourage her. She might just have another story to add. There are review links on the book pages or go back to the site where you purchased the eBook from.

Kitty reads all her reviews and likes to stay in touch with her fans. She has had a couple of stories published in anthologies over the years and was awarded a finalist position  for ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ in 2017

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Kitty resides on the picturesque coast of Western Australia.

Mother to three fantastic adults who have all excelled in life and Nanna to 6 amazing grandchildren. Kitty loves her family with a passion and never fails to count the blessings in her life.

Born in Holland she migrated to Australia in 1959 with her family and has resided in Australia ever since.

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