Writing my novels from the coast of Western Australia, my first book ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ earned the Gold Seal of Quality and achieved a Finalist Badge in the 2017 Indie Awards from McGrath House. The three books that followed in this series also gained the Gold Seal of Quality. I have recently finished writing the fifth book of this series. I hope  you’ll enjoy it. 

My goals are simple; to keep writing for my readers, complete a renovation job here and there and never be stung by a bee again.

The Arina Perry Series covers several genres, best read from book one and beginning with:

ROMANCE/MYSTERY:  Her Mother’s Sins’ A New Love- An Ultimate Deceit
MYSTERY/SUSPENSE:   ‘Her Father’s Daughter – A Missing Girl – A Murdered Man   
SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  ‘Her Brother’s Keeper’ A Kidnapped Child – A Dead Lawyer
THRILLER/PARANORMAL: ‘Her Grandma’s Ghosts’– A Cold Case – The Paranormal
THRILLER/PARANORMAL: ‘Her Husband’s Honour’– A Brutal Murder- An Innocent Man 


Becoming a writer has opened up an entirely new life for me and although I find becoming involved in the myriad of new experiences, I feel this life was the one I was always meant to live. I have written children’s stories, an anthology of short stories as well as a couple of self-help books and might just be planning a new book for next year.

BUT: life can get a little quiet on the social side and so I became a member of the blog sector, have a Facebook account, a web page as well as being a member of Pinterest, Good-reads, Twitter and a collection of sites I visit for interaction and honing my skills and in finding new readers. I would dearly love your company and invite you to join me on any one of these mediums.