Australian Author Kitty Boyes

Welcome to my world…

Writing my novels from the coast of Western Australia, my first book ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ earned the Gold Seal of Quality and achieved a Finalist Badge in the 2017 Indie Awards from McGrath House. The three books that followed in this series also gained the Gold Seal of Quality. I am currently gearing up to continue writing the fifth book of this series.

My goals are simple; to keep writing for my readers and never be stung by a bee again. The Arina Perry Series covers several genres, best read from book one and beginning with,

ROMANCE/MYSTERY:  Her Mother’s Sins’ A New Love- An Ultimate Deceit MYSTERY/SUSPENSE:   ‘Her Father’s Daughter – A Missing Girl SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  ‘Her Brother’s Keeper’ A Kidnapped Child THRILLER/PARANORMAL: ‘Her Grandma’s Ghosts’– A Cold Case – The Paranormal

Becoming a writer has opened up an entirely new life for me and although I find becoming involved in the myriad of new experiences, I feel this life was the one I was always meant to live. I have written children’s stories, an anthology of short stories as well as a couple of self-help books and am planning a new book or two for next year.

BUT: life can get a little quiet on the social side and so I became a member of the blog sector, have a Facebook account, a web page as well as being a member of Pinterest, Good-reads, Twitter and a collection of sites I visit for interaction and honing my skills and in finding new readers. I would dearly love your company and invite you to join me on any one of these mediums.