400 kilometre Round Trip

I visited Dongara on Thursday to launch book IV “Her Grandma’s Ghosts” and WOW, the staff are super friendly and so very helpful. They set up for me, complete with a little Xmas tree and scented candle. They supplied and made the morning tea themselves, helped me lug in my boxes of books and then out again. How’s that for country hospitality?  I met some lovely new faces, one of whom I had an unknown connection with and one who I used to work with years ago. One lady was visiting from Queensland and won the door prize! A happy gathering of people. 

From there I drove to Jurien Bay for another launch on Friday. It’s so nice to be welcomed and meeting a bunch of new faces as well as a couple of people who came back for more of my books. People told me later it was a special time for them, a couple had a book launch initiation, and I met two ladies who will offer to proofread for me! How good is that? I had such a great time with all of these friendly people, and guess what? They’ve invited me back! 

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