I’m Still Learning!

A new learning curve to master for ‘Billy Hop’s Dream’

So guess what I’ve been doing all day?
Today’s new adventure into new horizons started when one day somebody asked me if my books would come out in audio books. I stared with a blank face for several long moments as this idea sunk in. Thought processes rumbled around for a while before I decided it would be too hard, too expensive and take way too long.
But I did a little research. And I was right! Very experienced people ask exorbitant sums of money to turn your book into an audio book. they can be anything between $50-$350 per finished hour of audio. That’s finished hours. It takes me about 7 hours to read one of my books. So yeah, my purse wouldn’t justify the stain.
Anyway, I thought I could maybe start small.  You know, with a short book. Just give it a go because nothing ventured is nothing gained. My children’s story ‘Billy Hops Dream’ is getting a face-lift with new art so I can have them made into paperbacks. The art isn’t here yet, so I delved into research on audio books, and some advice on how to go about it.  First I needed equipment. The research took an entire two days.
Yesterday I bought the equipment (a good microphone and a mediocre headphone). Then I downloaded the required programs. I sorted out the hiccups and today I produced my very first Audio of the story. It took over 9 hours to produce my first draft of 15 minutes with a book that is only 2,500 words long.
It’s not perfect, but I’m pleased for a first attempt. There was a whole new learning curve to master, with, I assure you, a whole lot more to yet learn.
I saved it as an MP 3 audio for sharing and put it on CD as well. As you do. 
So now I’m looking for a few people prepared to listen to it, make your criticisms and write me a short review on the enjoyment level.
Who’s up for it?
If you have small children that would be a bonus if they could hear it too and let me know if they enjoyed it in their own words.
Stay tuned for the new cover and internal pictures. They are pretty darn special.

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