Gold Quality Mark It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Reason? My 11-month-old computer crashed and not in a good way. All my work? Gone! Including my books. Aha, but I had an external hard drive. So fired up my old very slow computer to retrieve my files from the external hard drive onto this old computer. Whoops, that’s buggered too. (I didn’t say “whoops” at the time though) Now what!? I’m stressed and feeling lost.
Aha, methinks. Didn’t I  save my books on a thumb drive a month or two before?  YES!! And to think it was one of those ‘waste of time’ saves, after all, they are on my new computer and on my external hard drive. What could go wrong?
So the past few weeks have been solidly spent on revising and editing my fourth book. ‘Her Grandma’s Ghosts’.
Why? Because I promised it to my readers. It’s done and now I’m submitting it to get a seal of approval. I’m going for gold!

Moral of the story? Save yer stuff everywhere and when you’re stressed, breath and think your way through the problem.

Read here what the seals mean and why I strive hard to achieve one for every book I’ve written in this series.

Cover 3D

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