Book Tour to Jurien Bay

With a two hour drive to Jurien Bay, I left the day before to meet the library and Regional Community Centre, staff.

As I arrived I was warmly greeted and even given the grand tour of the Civic Centre, Library and Community Centre. Being a fairly recent new addition to the town, the buildings were in tune with the spirit of the place. The architecture and ambience, as well as the aesthetics inside, were modern, bright, and sat comfortably with the eye.

It was a pleasure to meet so many new people, among whom were two other writers, one resident and one traveller.

Thank you to all those people who took part in the launch, those who attended and those who bought my book/s. I sure couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you to ‘A Family Affair Cafe’ for the catering and delivery of a scrumptious afternoon tea.

We had spot prizes and a door prize as well as question time and a reading from the book.

Some photo’s below.

Jurien Bay Book Tour 20/07/2018
My sign in Jurien Bay


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