Answering a question on marketing

Somebody asked me about marketing and what I found to be the best practice. I guess it’s different for everybody. For me, writing my books has been the fun part, the easy bit. The hard part is the marketing, getting them out beyond the family and friends and into the big wide world. 

I joined many authors and readers Facebook pages, blog sites etc., where many hundreds of thousands of like-minded people dwell to showcase their books etc. none of these were very fruitful in obtaining sales. 

The best way to have many hundreds of eBooks fly out the door with Amazon or any other distributor is give them away. Yep for free. The only plus in that I found is, it puts your book into hundreds of more hands. I saw no other benefits personally. 

As an Indie Author, and publisher, my personal better experience was to join Ingram Spark, buy barcodes from Bowker and order paperbacks. I have designed an A-frame sign poster with my books on it that I will use at local markets, book tours, fairs and other events.

I now do book tours and book signing in and around small towns. The reception has been great, sales vastly improved and because I now have a series of three (writing the fourth) I get repeat customers.


Now there’s a great feeling.

Hope this helps.


Jurien Bay Book Tour 20/07/2018
 Three New Covers

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