Book Tour July 2018

Well, after some prodding I finally relented and arranged a local Book Tour. So far I’ve been to the Geraldton Library and to the Dongara Library, both of which were such amazing experiences that I have no idea why I didn’t do this earlier!!

I’ve had an awesome reception from the libraries and amazing outcomes by the many participants. So many people bought the books, so many told me how much they are being enjoyed. Everybody had a good time, with a spot prize or two, a door prize and giveaways of book one ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ that were very appreciated.

I was blessed to have more ladies sign up to my email list and met some lovely people I didn’t know before.

Next up this month, is Jurien Bay, about 2 hours drive from home. I think it’s going to be equally as awesome.

A few photos below. Stay tuned for the Jurien Bay photos.


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