And the Winner is…

A big fat thank you to all the awesome ladies who entered this little guessing game. All entries are now closed and the figures are in.

Win a signed copy            Blank bookcover with clipping path

We had ages guessed from 55  to 75 years old. The amount of times this lady has read the  book had guesses ranging  from twice to ten times.

Because nobody guessed right, the way the winner was chosen was by adding the two numbers together and see who had the highest score.

Your score had to reach as close as possible to 96.

BECAUSE.… drum roll please…

The photographed lady is 91 years old and has read this book 5 times!

So the WINNER to be congratulated is…


This person guessed 75 years of age and that she read the book twice. A score of 77 points. Lovell3140 will be emailed to be congratulated.

The runner up is Bibliofiles, who with just one point behind guessed 72 years and that she read the book 4 times. (76 Points). As a runner-up, Biliofiles will be offered a digital copy.

Thank you again for your entries, I wish I could look as young as this fan at that age. She still drives too and lives independently. I hope you all enjoyed this little game. Would you like more competitions similar to this for another chance to win a  novel? Let me know in the comments section below.

Blank bookcover with clipping path 

Still want a copy anyway?

For a limited time…

99 Cents on Amazon as an eBook 

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