Win it!

It’s easy enough… IF you’re good at guessing. Give it a go! Noting ventured, nothing gained.

In Celebration of the New Year, I present this revised edition. A 6′ x 9″ with a new cover and an additional 20,000 odd words, so even if you’ve already read this books previous version and liked it, you’re bound to like this even more!

I am looking forward to receiving your entry. Please email your reply to or in the Comment section below and GOOD LUCK!

It’s also available for just 99 cents (Limited time only) wherever you normally buy your eBooks.

Win a signed copy

20 thoughts on “Win it!

  1. bibliofiles13 says:

    I think she has read it at least four times and is possibly 72 years old, but looks wonderfully good for her age. 💜🤗


    1. Kitty Boyes-Author says:

      Hi there, thank you for your submission. I will manually add your name and email address to my mailing list. (Step two of the submission- as the email address is to notify the winner)
      I’ve visited your site and decided to be a follower. Thanks again and good luck.
      Kitty xx

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      1. bibliofiles13 says:

        Thanks Kitty! 😊 I am curious to see what the answers are. That was nice of you to follow me. 💜😍


      2. Kitty Boyes-Author says:

        Aha! But if I tell you now, others may see my answer. I promise to email the winner or closest to the right answer and post the right answer by February 1st. I’ve added your email to my list. You can unsubscribe from my mailing list anytime of course.

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      3. bibliofiles13 says:

        Oh ! You crack me up 😂. I can wait until then, I’m patient. 😉 Thanks hon, I appreciate it, you’re a hoot and a half, so I really think I’ll like being on that mailing list.


  2. Audrey Mills says:

    I think she has read it 3 times and she is 67 years old. My husband said I’m wrong she’s 62. But my guess is 67. Thank you very much for this opportunity. I hope we don’t offended her.

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