Helped any strangers out lately?

Have you ever helped out a stranger only to have it turn your normal life into something that resembles a  nightmare?

Arina did.

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Life is peaceful, marriage is a blissful ride. Her life is complete.

However, the tide turns when Arina discovers a dead lawyer in her motel’s unit and her life takes a sharp deviation into heartache and deception.

Evidence relating to the forensic report suggests the dead man committed suicide. His sister believes he was murdered. Despite being dissuaded from getting involved, true to form, Arina dives in. Head first.

With her marriage suddenly in question and the sister of the deceased man begging her help, Arina finds herself on a murky and dangerous trail of lies, cover-ups and deceit.

Without knowing exactly what she was getting into, she inadvertently puts lives on the line. Including the life of Ben, her two-year-old son.

Money laundering and multi-million-dollar tax evasion scams are uncovered. Ruthless and desperate people will do all they can to avoid detection to protect their interests. Including murder.

With her marriage to Matt leaving unanswered questions and her world turned to ashes, will she survive the threats, lies and deceit, but most of all, will she survive the loss of her son?

 Download the e-book, grab a cuppa and a bar of chocolate and  FIND OUT!  LINK TO THE NOVEL

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Book Three


of the Arina Perry Series

takes you on a

psychological ride on the wild side.

Released in e-book late November 2017

and in paperback late December 2017.



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