My Novel is a FINALIST!

I am so blessed to have been nominated from the world full of choices to be amongst just 5 books in my genre (Fiction-Romance) as an Indie Book Award Finalist.                                            Thank you, McGrath House.

Finalist logo

Behind the scenes…

I’ve been working hard on giving more love to my debut Novel ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ 

  • ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ earned a GOLD Quality Mark
  • ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ gained a NY Literary Magazine Review
  • ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ has been very honoured with this Finalist Award
  • ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ has been chosen to be included in a New York Newspapers editorial
  • ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ has a brand new beautiful cover

Now ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ needs your love, please.
The only way ‘Her Mother’s Sins’ stands a chance of winning the Indie Book Award is to get votes. Lots of votes! This is where I might fail because I know so few people.

Please help! Right now can you please please follow the link and vote for ‘Her Mother’s Sins’, your support will help me win this. There’s a glass trophy for the book that gets the most nominations, so every single vote counts.
Please vote now by clicking the link below, scrolling down to the Fiction Romance selections and mark my novel. Thank you! Thank You!
Kind regards and thank you.
Kitty xxx


Fianlist review


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